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Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab under the centre will facilitate the culture of innovation and open engineering. It invites MSMEs and the Start-ups to grab opportunities of getting an end-to-end support from the experts including access to various state-of-the-art facilities for early prototyping of their product.


  • 3D hybrid printers for industrial scale objects
  • 450 kV Micro/mini focus X-ray computer tomography scanner with a large scanning area
  • Seamlessly operating Robotic welding facility (MIG, TIG, Spot, and 6 kW Laser, with Job-positioner) for industrial scale jobs
  • Robotic material handling mounted on linear track
  • Robotic 3D laser scanner for structural vibration testing
  • Acoustic array (with 30 microphones)
  • High precision 5-axis CNC Wire-cut EDM with TURBO motion control technology, auto-wire threading, and capability to machine poly-crystalline diamond.
  • 50 kN state-of-the-art tensile-compression-fatigue-creep testing unit along with non-contact video extensometer
  • 5-axis CNC machining centre
  • Hard materials cutting machine with automatic cleaning and intelligent feed control system
  • Microprocessor controlled electrohydraulic hot mounting press machine with automatic cylinder dimension detection and dosing system
  • Semi-automatic grinding-polishing machine with easy drying and cleaning facility
  • Multichannel electrochemical system for corrosion testing
  • Apochromatic stereo zoom microscope with 3D imaging and large operating range
  • Spiral scanning metallurgical optical microscope with wireless remote control facility and moveable to any stage location by a mouse click.
  • COMSOL Multiphysics software for numerical modeling and simulation
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