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  • 5-Axis CNC Wire-cut EDM

    • Submerge type 5-axis CNC controller with TURBO motion control technology.
    • Machining of Poly – Crystalline Diamond.
    • Auto wire threading facility available.
    • Multistage water filtration facility available.
    Make: Electronica Model: Enova 2S
  • UTM

    • State-of-the-art 50 kN tensile-compression-fatigue-creep testing unit along with non-contact video extensometer.
    • Specimen tensile testing at 1200 oC.
    • Low cycle creep fatigue tests under strain.
    Make: Zwick Roell Model: Kappa 100 SS-CF
  • CT Scan System

    • 450 kV CT system with large scanning area.
    • Dual detectors for bigger objects and instant 2D and 3D imaging systems.
    • Software for CT acquisition, reconstruction, metrological analysis, co-ordinate measurement, wall thickness measurement etc.
    Make: GE Technologies Model: Phoenix V/tome/x c
  • Hybrid Additive Manufacturing

    • 5-axes CNC machine tool with subtractive machining & direct laser deposition based additive system.
    • MasterCAM Mill 3D professional software .
    • Capability of building mid to large 3D parts by using metal powders in controlled atmosphere.
    • Equipped with an Ytterbium Fiber laser of 2 kW.
    Make: Optomec Model: LENS 860 Hybrid Machine
  • CNC Machining Centre

    • Industry 4.0 enabled with accuracy up to < 6 µm.
    • Optimized ergonomics and design.
    • Larger machining compartment.
    • Improved cooling in all drives and guides.
    • Direct path measuring system in all five axes.
    Make: DMG MORI Model: DMU 50
  • CNC Turning Centre

    • Servo motor controlled 2 axis CNC Turning centre of SIEMENS 828 D controller.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • Electric spindle with high torque.
    • High spindle rotational speed.
    • Equipped with CAD-CAM (CADEM) software for autocode generation.
    Make: Ace Designers Model: LT 20 XL
  • CNC Trainer Lathe

    • This 2 axis CNC Lathe is for Semiproduction purpose.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • CNC controller: FANUC Oi Mate-TF.
    • Equipped with CAD-CAM (BoB CAD & CAM) software for autocode generation.
    Make: HYTECH Model: HPL 100
  • CNC Mill Trainer

    • Servo motor controlled semiproduction type 3 axis CNC Mill.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • CNC controller: FANUC Oi Mate-MF.
    • Equipped with CAD-CAM (BoB CAD & CAM) software for autocode generation.
    Make: HYTECH Model: SPM 250
  • Robotic MIG

    • Current, voltage and force sencors for process monitoring.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • Flow level, flow rate and pressure sensors for health monitoring.
    • Capability of welding similar and dissimilar materials.
    Make: KUKA AND FRONIUS Model: KUKA: KR 14 R1420, FRONIUS: TPS 500i CMT
  • Robotic TIG

    • Current and voltage sensors for process monitoring.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • Flow level, flow rate and pressure sensors for health monitoring.
    • Capability of welding similar and dissimilar material.
    Make: KUKA AND FRONIUS Model: KUKA: KR 14 R1420, FRONIUS: Magicwave 5000
  • 3-Axis Job Positioner

    • Payload: 250 Kg, Tool radius: 500 mm to 1000 mm, Distance between face plates: 1600 mm 3000 mm.
    • Stationed in front of MIG and TIG robots for handling the jobs.
    Make: KUKA Model: KP3 V2H 250
  • Robotic Spot Welding

    • Current, voltage and force sencors fo process monitoring.
    • High precise in positioning and repeatability.
    • Capability of welding similar and dissimilar materials.
    • Real time monitoring and control of spot welding.
  • Robotic Laser Welding and Cladding

    • Current, voltage and force sensors for process monitoring.
    • Capability of welding similar and dissimilar materials.
    • 6 kW fiber laser with infrared and optical cameras for process monitoring.
    • Mounted with cladding head.
    Make: KUKA AND IPG Model: KR 30 R2033, YLS 6000 K
  • CNC Simulator

    • This simulator is one of the CNC training kit, where students can get the visual experience of the created programme
    • This can be switchable from Lathe to Mill and vice versa
    • This is very much easy to carry
    • Equipped with NC guide (FANUC simulator) software
    Make: FANUC Model: CNC Simulator
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing Facility

    • CNC Milling and CNC Turning units.
    • Inspection / quality control – vision control system.
    • Vibration, temperature and proximity for sensing manufacturing data.
    • Data storage, retrieval, manipulation and presentation by using IoT gateway.
    Make: MTAB
  • 5 MP Blue light Scanner

    • Blue LED technology scans many surface types.
    • 5 million points per scan.
    • 5 interchangeable lenses.
    • Fast scanning, high accuracy and portable.
    • Rotary table for automatic scanning.
    Make: Zeiss Model: Zeiss Comet 5M
  • Sample Cutting Machine

    • Automatic cut-off machine with intelligent feed control.
    • Variable spindle speed and automatic feed.
    • Automatic cleaning facility.
    • Can cut very hard materials.
    Make: Struers Model: Discotom
  • Hot Mounting Press

    • Electro-hydraulic hot mounting press.
    • Fast heating available.
    • Automatic detection of cylinder dimension.
    • Automatic dosing system for faster filling.
    Make: Struers Model: Citopress 15
  • Grinding & Polishing Machine

    • Semi-automatic grinding and polishing machine with stable sample preparation facility.
    • Automatic water ON/OFF system.
    • Easy drying and cleaning facility.
    Make: Struers Model: LaboPal 30
  • Electrochemical Station

    • The system can be utilized for electrochemical corrosion, battery testing, fuel cell testing, and physical electrochemistry.
    • Other studies such as critical pitting temperature, electrochemical noise, direct current corrosion etc.
    • A wide range of current ranging from 10 nA to 1 A with a minimum current resolution of 3.3. fA.
    Make: Gamry Model: 1010E
  • Stereozoom Microscope

    • Appochromatically corrected optics.
    • Touch screen controls for magnification and resolution, depth of field and object field.
    Make: Carl Zeiss Model: Discovery V20
  • Metallurgical Microscope

    • Intelligent automation.
    • Imaging contrast technique.
    • Ultra-contrast 3D illumination.
    • Sample re-position capacity up to 20 nm.
    Make: Leica Microsystems Model: DMi8A
  • High Resolution FESEM

    • Schottky emitter for high-resolution.
    • Unique wide field optics.
    • Real-time in-flight beam tracing.
    • 5-axis fully motorized compucentric stage.
    Make: Tescan Model: Tescan MIRA 3 LMH
  • Table top XRD

    • 6th gen. design with factory aligned goniometer system.
    • Incident beam variable slit.
    • Phase identification, quantification with crystallinity percentage, crystallite size and strain etc.
    Make: Rigaku Model: MiniFlex
  • Robot-assisted Micro Friction Stir Welding Machine

    • Industry 4.0 enabled FSW machine assisted by a 500 Kg payload robot with a reach of 2830 mm.
    • Suitable for micro-size jobs & dissimilar materials.
    • 6D force sensor for monitoring forces and torque in all three directions.
    Make: KUKA Model: KR 500 R2830 MT
  • Foundry Robot

    KUKA industrial grade floor mounted robot with following features:
    • Payload: 180 Kg , Reach: 2100 mm maximum.
    • Number of controlled axes: 6.
    • Pose repeatability: ± 0.05 mm.
    • KR C4 controller.
    • Offline simulation software .
    Make: KUKA Model: KR 180 R2100 nano F
  • COMSOL Multiphysics Modeling Software

    • A general purpose simulation software for modeling designs, devices, and processes in all fields of engineering, manufacturing, and scientific research.
    • Comes with an “Application Builder” which can be used to develop independent domain-specific applications with customized user-interface.
  • Robotic 3D Laser Scanning Structural Vibration Test Station

    • Frequency range: 0-100 kHz.
    • 3D laser scanning vibrometers mounted on a multi-axis industrial robot, payload= 90 Kg & controlled axes= 6 + 1 (linear track of 4 m length).
    • Software for incorporating FE geometry, external sensor data, & modal analysis.
    • Software for analyzing signals in time domain and principal component analysis.
    Make: Polytec Model: PSV-500-3DH
  • Thermal Imager

    • A touch screen with a 160° viewing angle.
    • High temperature ranges up to 1500°C.
    • A built-in mic for voice annotation, and report generation features.
    Make: FLIR Model: E-95
  • Acoustic Holography

    • Complete system for real-time noise source identification (NSI) that can be used for both stationary and non-stationary measurements.
    • Consists of a hand-held array, LAN-XI data acquisition hardware, BK Connect software.
    Make: B & K Model: 9712-W-FEN
  • Power Sensor

    • Measures the input of effective electrical power of spindle and axle drive.
    • Useful for monitoring of feeder and spindle drives, detection of broken tools, detection of tool wear etc.
    • Spectra unit for process monitoring.
    • A display screen for visualizing the signal.
    Make: Montronix Model: PS-200-NG

Other facilities @ CoE AMT

List of various sensors being purchased:
Speed sensors
Various types of thermocouples
Oil quality monitoring sensors:
High speed camera
Piezoelectric force transducer

Other facilities being created at the centre:

Linear torsional fatigue testing centre
Ultrasonic range sensors
Image processing workstations
High end computers & servers for research on Industry 4.0
IoT hardware infrastructure Software such as: Shot peening machine
Jet cleaning system & ultrasonic bath
Acoustic array of 30 microphones
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