CoEAMT, IIT Kharagpur

Industry Connection of CoEAMT


MHI Phase-I
Sl. No. Industry Project Status of Collaboration
1 Remote Monitoring and Real Time Control of Defects in Friction Stir Welding Process and Preventive Health Monitoring of Friction Stir Welding Machine Complete
2 Non-metallic inclusions (NMI) and its control, new steel products through energy efficient EAF Complete
3 Multi-sensor integrated robotic system for hazardous jobs in manufacturing industry Ongoing
4 Digital manufacturing and industrial internet of things for enhanced supply chain co-ordination, quality and maintenance Ongoing
5 Exploring solutions for various technological challenges in metal additive manufacturing technology and sharing the relevant know how with the Indian heavy engineering industries Ongoing
Pune Passenger Vehicle Division
  • Selection of raw materials for additive manufacturing applications in relation to the design requirements
  • Life cycle analysis of additive manufacturing process for different materials
MHI Phase-II
7 TML Logo
Jamshedpur Commercial Vehicle Division
AR/VR in Manufacturing applications Approved in MHI Phase-II, MoU signing left
8 TML Logo
Jamshedpur Commercial Vehicle Division
Real-time weld defect monitoring and control in Body in White (BIW) structure of automotive vehicles Approved in MHI Phase-II, MoU signing left
9 TML Logo
Jamshedpur Commercial Vehicle Division
Cobot based vision analytics for quality inspection in automobile process line Approved in MHI Phase-II, MoU signing left
10 Designing a synthetic slag for inclusion control of LCAK structural steel Approved in MHI Phase-II, MoU signing left
Other Projects
11 Development and Implementation of an Artificial Intelligence enabled weld defect identification and classification system Complete
12 Development of machine learning based exhauster health monitoring and prediction system Complete
13 TML Logo
Jamshedpur Commercial Vehicle Division
Development of a low-cost AI-based tyre specification reading and downstream analytics Ongoing
Pune Passenger Vehicle Division
  • Roof brazing defects capturing & proactive defect avoidance through Computer vision
  • Online Weld Spots quality, No. of spots detection through image processing
  • Synchro cone gear assembly QA/QC detection
  • Detection of clinching for locknut
  • Vision detection to place right layshaft on the right model of transaxle assembly
NDA signed
15 Possible application of friction stir welding in structural components of motorbike NDA signed
16 Technical Design requirement for Robotic Machine for cooking NDA signed
17 Development of backend algorithm for supply chain management of manufacturing industries NDA signed
18 Employment of friction stir welding for fabrication of alloy wheels NDA signed
19 An energy-efficient water cooler with an innovative cooling strategy Discussion ongoing
  • Online prediction of process parameters to control the bulk raw material properties
  • Low-cost vision system for online foreign matter detection
  • Arrangement of assorted gifting packs using cobots & low-cost vision system integration
Discussion ongoing