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Digital manufacturing and IIoT

Digital technologies have become ubiquitous in advanced manufacturing. Not only are most industrial processes digitally monitored today, most products from heavy engineering industries have built in telematics and other forms of digital monitoring capabilities. It is widely believed that digital interventions will transform the way that machines will be deployed, operated, monitored, and serviced in the future. IIoT and data analytics are expected to have pivotal role in enabling the vision of smart machines and intelligent cooperation between multiple machines. This also has potential for saving resources thereby promoting green practices.

Industry partner


  • Industry 4.0 enabled micro friction stir welding machine assisted by a 500 Kg payload
  • Automated CNC machines
  • CNC turning centre
  • High precision sensors such as power, different load cells, oil quality monitoring and many more
  • Wide range thermal imager
  • High end servers for research on Industry 4.0
  • Computer integrated manufacturing system with real time data transfer capability from sensors to cloud using IoT gateway
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